Status of Industry

The technology to recycle all types of carpet is simply not available today. Did you know that between 4 and 6 billion pounds of carpet is sent to land fill every year? That is why Texas Carpet Recycling (TCR) is a landfill alternative. 

Let's envisage a world where 100% of all carpet waste is diverted from landfill through either re-use or recycling.
— Thomas

Landfill Alternative

Today, the only carpets that can be recycled (deconstructed and made into new products) are PVC–backed carpet tile, nylon 6 broadloom and, most recently, nylon 6,6 broadloom.

Most carpet pads can be recycled as well. PPE and other carpet fibers are still in the experimental mode of recycling and these producers can only absorb a small fraction of the old carpet… not nearly enough to make a difference.

What We Do

Currently, only a fraction of the carpet taken out of homes and commercial environments is diverted from landfill. However, we all have to start somewhere, and the carpet industry is making tremendous strides in solving with this huge problem. New technology is being invented every month that helps with recycling carpet.

Some carpet can be re–used or donated to charitable organizations depending on its condition. All other carpet is collected and sent to cement kilns to burn as alternative fuel. Carpet provides a very good fuel source to these kilns and helps minimize the need for natural fuel sources such as coal and wood.

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