Athyron LLC Launches Miura Board™ "The Most Durable 100% Recycled Alternative to Wood and Plastic"

Athyron LLC Launches Miura Board™ "The Most Durable 100% Recycled Alternative to Wood and Plastic"

Kountze, TX, November 13, 2018 –(– Athyron LLC is proud to announce the launch of Miura Board™: the most durable 100% recycled alternative to wood and plastic, containing 50% carpet backing from recycling operations.

This highly scalable technology has the potential to significantly reduce the stream of carpet currently being disposed of in the nation’s dwindling landfills.

Miura Board™ can be made in a wide range of formulations, from as little as 10% carpet backing to as high as 70%, depending on the desired properties of the finished product. It’s literally possible to “tune” the finished product on a scale of rigidity and surface smoothness.

The color can be controlled by adding pigments or by pre-selecting the plastic scrap according to color. The continuous extrusion and lamination allow for any desired length while the thickness can be adjusted between 1/4” and 2.”

Miura Board™ is a novel material at the intersection of plastics, metals, and wood. It exhibits remarkable properties such as , better strength than conventional plastics, improved abrasion resistance, reduced thermal expansion, sound insulation properties, and resistance to crystallization at low temperatures.

In addition, it can be itself recycled 100%.

Miura Board™ can be nailed, drilled, cut, routed, and sanded just like wood; however, it can also be water jet, laser cut and welded like metal, which opens up enormous opportunities in the siding, decking, reusable concrete forming, and marine applications.

Unlike common WPCs (wood-plastic composites), Miura Board™ contains no wood or any other organic ingredients susceptible to fungal attack. For this reason, it does not require to be capped.

This results in greatly increased durability and resistance to abrasion and impact, making it ideal for heavy traffic outdoor applications, high humidity coastal and tropical environments, as well as in harsh winter conditions. It will not swell, crack, splinter, split, or delaminate, and is unaffected by termites, fungi, etc.

The innovative and proprietary technology making this possible hails from Brazil, where it’s been in use for over 14 years. Athyron was granted an exclusive license for the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Miura Board™ is manufactured in Athyron LLC’s new facility located in Kountze, TX.

The technology boasts crucial environmental advantages, in particular, it does not consume any water nor does it create any effluents. It does not require the addition of adhesives or catalysts, and is robust in terms of the types of thermoplastics that can be used: even commingled or contaminated plastic scrap containing cardboard, aluminum foil, minerals, or wood is processable.

Athyron plans to first add additional production lines at its Kountze, TX location and then partner with strategic investors and manufacturers to rapidly expand by opening multiple plants located in close proximity to abundant sources of plastic scrap or carpet backing or both.

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