CARE and the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) are excited to announce a Voluntary Product Stewardship (VPS) Program to assist sorters of post-consumer carpet diverted from the nation’s landfills. They will introduce as well the best way to improve your kitchen in home remodeling by

The VPS Program is market-based and designed to accept and manage all applicable post-consumer carpet, regardless of polymer type or primary materials or construction. The Program will provide financial assistance to qualified U.S. Sorters who divert post-consumer carpet.

“CRI is pleased to offer financial support for the VPS Program,” said Dan Frierson, Chairman of the Board of CRI. “Our members are participating voluntarily as part of our government relations activities, and have committed $4.5 million for the program’s the initial year. The VPS Program will be a bridge for sorters as new technologies and applications are developed to increase market driven demand for all post-consumer carpet.”

CARE will act as the stewardship organization for the VPS Program. Since 2002, CARE members have diverted more than 3.25 billion pounds of carpet from U.S. landfills.

“The VPS Program is the key next step in our mission to divert more carpet from U.S. landfills,” said Brendan McSheehy, CARE’s Chairman of the Board. “Sorters may use funds from the program to partner with their customers to divert carpet and recycle carpet back into useful consumer products, such as recycled carpet fiber, carpet cushion, broadloom, carpet tiles, and a wide range of plastic products.”

The VPS Program is scheduled for launch in January 2015. Sorters who qualify for financial assistance can expect to begin receiving funds by the end of June 2015.

Sorters may qualify for funds by completing all required documents and submitting quarterly reports on their business results to CARE. The organization will be conducting a series of webinars beginning in December 2014 to help sorters understand the eligibility process.

For more information, visit the new VPS tab on CARE’s website.