Texas Carpet Recycling wins GDFWGRA Award for best recycling event

Texas Carpet Recycling was honored by the Greater Dallas FW Recycling Alliance for the best recycling event for 2011.  In the Fall of  2011, Texas Carpet Recycling was the event underwriter and logistical partner for the first annual ZeroLandfill recycling event in the DFW area.  ZeroLandfill is a national recycling event created originally by BeeDance productions.  ZeroLandfill’s goal is to help architects and designers clear out their sample rooms and libraries in an environmentally sustainable way. The event also showed one of the best methods for concrete in your construction by http://concreteformliners.xyz/.

Traditionally, these libraries are cleared out and the samples are thrown away.  Carpet, tile, laminates, binders, ceramic, stone, glass and a plethora of other products are accumulated in these A&D firms at a prodigious rate.  The products, being individual samples are traditionally hard to recycle.  Manufacturers that offer free recycling of their materials require that the product be shipped back, resulting in increased carbon emissions.

Innovative/unique aspect of the event
The two principles that drive ZeroLandfill are:

  1. Interior designers and architects have expired specification samples.
  2. Artists and arts educators have material needs for artwork and classroom projects.

What makes ZeroLandfill unique is how it got the A&D and Arts community involved to solve their related issues.  Volunteers from the International Interior Design Association worked together with volunteers from Texas Carpet Recycling to set up three collection points at the American Airlines Center.  During these three Fridays, architects and interior design firms across the metroplex dropped off their various samples, etc and it was trucked back to TCR’s warehouse in Grapevine, TX where it was weighed.

Each Saturday following a drop off, volunteers from TCR, Corporate Floors, Shaw and IIDA decended upon Texas Carpet Recycling to sort all the samples by product type.  The typical day has 20-30 volunteers working tirelessly to rip carpet samples from books, stack stone samples, and empty binders.

During these same Saturdays, ads were placed, schools were notified and the creative community was invited to pick up materials for their use. There is joy and energy in the room as materials are discovered, projects are imagined and new connections are made. The materials are used for art projects, home renovation and other educational uses.

Significant accomplishments and how accomplishments impacted others
 Over 34,500 lbs of samples were diverted from landfill. This is over 96% of all the material collected from the A&D firms.

  1. Over a dozen different schools were represented by their art teachers.
  2. As art classes are being de-funded across the state due to budget cuts, finding ways for teachers to supply their students with materials is increasingly important. Almost 100% of all the material diverted was used by art educators for their students.

 Volunteer contribution
Texas Carpet Recycling supplied all trucking, warehouse labor and space for ZeroLandfill Dallas and has committed to doing the same in 2012.

Partnership involvement
ZeroLandfill worked closely with Shaw, IIDA, BeeDance Productions and WilsonArt. Committee members were from Gensler, TCR, Perkins Will and Shaw.

 Number of people reached
ZeroLandfill reached over a dozen schools and the entire A&D community in the D/FW region in addition to the general public using PR, Facebook, the web, email blasts and craigslist ads.

Measurable metrics, i.e. yards or weight
 Over 34,500 lbs of sample material that would normally be thrown away were diverted from landfill and used in various art projects and classrooms.

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